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Kais Very First Birthday Party

October 14th

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I’m a bit emotional, writing this. We were told early on that it was unlikely Kai was live as long as we’d like. The idea of him making it to his first birthday seemed impossible.

But here we are, ready to celebrate it like we’ve never celebrated before, ready to stick two fingers to NKH and love on our little miracle baby, our little warrior.

Because we’ve raised so much for NKH Research, we’re going to take a break and raise some money for Kai. For his treatments and therapies that we can’t ourselves afford out of pocket and aren’t covered on the NHS. So, instead of gifts, we’re asking help to pay for life-changing therapy for Kai.

Josie’s Running the Istanbul Marathon!

12 November, Istanbul

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Kai’s Aunty Josie is running in the Istanbul Marathon! We’re super impressed (Sam especially, after walking a marathon a day for three days, the idea of running it is CRAZY) – we’re super super proud of Josie. Grateful that she’s on #teamMikaere.

She’s been training since MAY, and (in her words): ” it has been quite a challenge! Running in 30 degree heat (I hate to complain…but!), being caught out in numerous storms, getting tear gassed, being lost for 2 hours in the back streets of Istanbul, endless hills and weaving my way through some of the 15 million people that live here in Istanbul!”

We love her, obvs.

Can you fundraise for us?

Because NKH is so rare, every single pound has a profound effect on what research can be done. Bake Sales, Raffles, a Coffee morning, a poker game… the possibilities are endless. Please help us fundraise – we’re so very keen to find treatment for Kai!

If you’re keen, let us know. x

Past Events

BV Amsterdam Run Vondle Park

Raised lots! (Total still to come in)

Another b:generous event, the Amsterdam office ran around Vondel Park – what rockstars! We love them – thank you guys for being part of #teamMikaere, you’re amazing. We love you!
– 19 September
– Vondel Park, Amsterdam

BV Germany Munich the River Isar

Raised €199.11

We’re so grateful to BV and the German office, who are walking the River Isar as part of the b:generous week at BV. You guys are AWESOME!

Donations Page
– Friday 29 September
– The River Isar

Team Mikaere Shop Sales

Raised £188.50! 

Very impressed considering we only sell cards*. You guys are so generous, we’re so grateful for the support.

* Cards at the moment. Tshirt and cuffs coming soon, we hope!

– Shop Now

The Cellar Singers: Water Night

Raised lots! (Total still to come in)

What an amazing, amazing night. The cappella group The Cellar Singers sang a mix of sacred, classical and pop, lots of beautiful music that we hadn’t heard, and some fun pieces that you had. Highlights: the Pitch Perfect-esque encore, Under the Sea, the Billy Joel piece, the Abba Medly, it was AMAZE!

Also, thank you to Majestic Putney for helping out with the wine!

– Wednesday 20 September
– St Saviour’s, Pimlico

Sam’s walking 78 miles for NKH!

Raised £8,597.94

What a weekend. Sam and a few people from BV walked 78 miles (!) along the Thames Path – from Henley to the Thames Barrier. Oh mmy DAYS! It was emotional, and we’re so proud of Sam!!

Thanks to the BV Team, thanks to all the other walkers, thanks to everyone who donated or sponsored a mile. It was a long, hard weekend, but we’re so proud and grateful to all of you!

– Friday 22 – Sunday 24 of September
– The Thames Path, from Henley to the Thames Barrier
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Kristin fundraised for the Thames Path walk

Raised £180.00 

Kristin, and ex-BVer was keen to jump on the wagon with The Walk – especially as the BV Alumni + current BVers are so close! Kristin planned to join the team on the walk, and raised donations from her new crowd to make it happen. Love it.

Thanks Kristin! We love you!

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#teamMikaere Charity Wine Tasting

Raised £577 on the day, £450 after

We’re so lucky to know and love a clever Irish gent who works in wine. He very kindly agreed to run a wine tasting evening for us, and it was SO FAB! There was great wine, great company, a fun blind tasting. It was a pretty intimate group, but we’re thankful for everyone that came out. You guys are the best!

– Saturday 12 August, 4pm
– Ranelagh Sailing Club, Putney, SW15 1LB

#teamMikaere Garden Party

Raised £2202.27

What an amazing day!  Kai’s Grandparents + Great Aunts are threw Kai a garden party! There was be all sorts of stalls (plants, art, fresh produce, cake, bric-a-brac), fun garden games (the wine/water game was fab!), tombola and a hamper raffle!

Thanks to everyone who came. It was such an amazing day!

– 17 September 2017
– Midway House, Toddington

Margot ran the Berlin Marathon!

Raised £369.26

Margot, Kai’s very first babysitter ran in the Berlin Marathon!! Honestly, Margot is just the most amazing, the most generous person you’ve ever met. We’re so proud, she’s such a force of nature (seriously – a real life superwoman) and we’re so grateful she’s on our team!

– 24 Sept 2017
– Berlin, Germany
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Birthday Bash in Toddington

Raised £1050!!!

Oh my days, what a wonderful a birthday bash for Jude, Marion, Margot, John and Dorothy! There was a super fun raffle, and we very much enjoyed the company. Kai even managed to get a few lovely cuddles in. It was lovely! Thanks to everyone who came, we were overwhelmed with your generosity!

– July 1st 2017
– Toddington

St Georges Coffee Morning

Raised £100!!!

The lovely St Georges held a coffee and cake morning for Kai  – we’re so grateful! St Georges is such a beautiful church, we’re so pleased to have the support.

– July 2017
– Toddington

The N Smith Charitable Settlement

Sponsored £1000.00!

We’re very lucky that The N Smith Charitable Settlement responded to our letter with a donation of £1000. I tried to find out more about Nora Smith. She died in 1992, but alas, that’s all I found. So thank you, Nora. Thank you to the people on the board. We’re very very grateful for the support.

– August 2017

Blaze! with James Fountain and Fulham Brass Band

Raised £937! Woohoo!

The Fulham Brass Band kindly put on a charity concert, with proceeds going towards NKH Research. Woo hoo! Fulham Brass Band (conducted by John Ward) with special guest, James Fountain (principal trumpet of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) performed Phil Lawrence’s astonishing concerto ‘Blaze’, as well as music by Queen, Andrew Lloyd-Webber, Gavin Higgins, The Beatles, Richard Rodney Bennett and George Lloyd.

And there was cake. Oh. My. Days. The cake sale – it was DELICIOUS. Very grateful – thanks to everyone who came out!!

– Sunday 21 May 2016
Fulham Brass Band

Charity Cooking Class with The Avenue

Raised £758!

The Avenue Cookery School is one of our local businesses – they hosted an amazing amazing cookery class, taught by The Avenue’s Italian chef, Stefano! There was wine and we were shown step by step how to whip up little pockets of joy (aka, delicious ravioli). Our creations were topped with fresh rocket and a walnut beurre noisette, followed by a light lemony pudding made by the in-house chefs. Add the unlimited, free flowing wine and the knowledge that we were helping to save lives with our charitable donations – it was SUCH a great night! Thanks to the Avenue for hosting.

– Friday 23 June – 7pm to 10pm
The Avenue Cookery School

Buggyfit Charity Walk + Picnic

Raised £488.28!

Eliza, Buggyfit extraordinaire is ran a fundraiser buggyfit walk with a picnic, sponsored by Piccolo Baby Food + Sweaty Betty. We’ll did a few laps of Wandsworth Park + enjoyed a super cute picnic, with all the little ones enjoying plenty of finger food.

There was even a silent auction, that included prizes from Sweaty Betty, a Mummy MOT, Buggfit classes, a Piccolo goodie bag, Bootybarre classes, a massage, a Putt in the Park family pass, and a beautiful Burberry Silk Scarf.
Thanks to everyone that came out!

– Thursday 29 June 2017
– Picnic video

Dunstable Rock Choir Concert

Raised £698.20! Very very impressed!

There as an informal Dunstable Rock Choir Concert with a raffle for #teamMikaere and NKH Research. Kai’s Grandma sings in the Rock Choir, and we’re so pleased to have the support!

– Tues 21st March 2017
– www.rockchoir.com

Infinis Sponsorship

Sponsored £1000.00!

Kai’s Grandad Andy does some pretty fancy something-a-rathers at Infinis, and we were so grateful to hear they were willing to donate to the cause.

Thank you Infinis!
– www.infinis.com

Toddington Bar-be-Kai (BBQ)

Raised £1,130! So very generous x

A charity BBQ put on by the charming Penny + Tony Collins. There was a raffle, a cake auction with many things for sale (paintings + cards).  All proceeds went towards NKH Research – we’re so grateful for everyone who came. So generous!!

– Saturday 6th May 2017

HRW Rare Disease Day

Raised £253! Woo!

Healthcare Research Worldwide (HRW) held a raffle and a bake sale on Rare Disease Day – we’re so pleased they chose to support NKH and Joseph’s Goal!

– 28 Feb 2017
– www.hrwhealthcare.com

BV’s Matching Campaign

Raised £1947.45

Bazaarvoice very kindly ran a matching campaign for Joseph’s Goal, matching up to $750 that BV employee’s make. So kind!

It was in 2011, in a little BV office in Hammersmith Sam and Elly met for the first time. Fast forward a four years – past many pub visits + legendary BV celebrations – we now have a beautiful little baby boy.

– 06 Jan 2017
Just Giving Campaign
– www.bazaarvoice.com

Kai’s First Christmas

Raised £8000.56!

Instead of presents we asked for donations. We spent Christmas and New Years in intensive care at St Georges. It was a hard time. We’re so grateful for the love and support and donations that came rolling in over that Christmas period – you guys are amazing!

– 25 Dec 2017
– Just Giving Campaign