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On having the best of friends

By 10th August 2018 No Comments

Good friends of ours (possibly some of my favourite people ever) live overseas. They’ve loved on us from a far and loved on Mikaere when they’re in London. A few weeks ago they hosted a murder mystery fundraiser for #teamMikaere. You guys – I’m jealous it wasn’t here because it looked absolutely AMAZING!

Phe and Dom hosted dinner for 10 of their (incredibly generous) friends. They did a short intro about Mikaere and why they were fundraising and holding a murder mystery event in lieu of running marathons or walking cross country like some of the other epic efforts (which made me laugh – I love they did an eating/drinking event. Phe and I once tried to run together and both of us I think decided walking was more our preferred pace).

Set in 1967 the Champagne Murders was accompanied with a very terrible fake Austin Powers DVD random clues and scripted characters. Apparently there was a lot of heated debate while they picked apart the clues and pointed fingers at each other as the potential murderer (which I also love – as a big Mafia/Secret Hilter fan I love a good Kangaroo Court!). With a lot of food and free-flowing booze their very generous friends raised a phenomenal 3,000QAR, which is roughly £633!

Isn’t that one of the most amazing things you’ve ever heard? I’m continuously overwhelmed with how our village has come together, and still does – months on, to fundraise for us and love on our family. So a big giant THANK YOU to Phe and Dom. We love you guys more than you know.

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